Arya Events Catering & decoration service

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Arya’s mesmerizing and beautifully created stages enhance the splendour of your wedding day. We have an exensive range of bespoke stage desigs for your wedding, nikkah, walima mehndi or reception; and because our services are personalised we can ensure the colour and theme is caried out throughtout the design.

Some of our previous themed events include Arabian, Moroccan, Christmas, Bollywood, Rajhastani, Chinese and James Bond. We specialise in providing you a bespoke decoration service that aims to create a stunning environment for you to celebrate your event in style.

Indeed, we understand that every event mirrors unique preferences and cultural subtleties. As the world of design evolves, our portfolio consistently reflects diverse global aesthetics. Through a collaborative method, we grasp your vision, transforming it into a captivating visual spectacle. By intertwining timeless traditions with contemporary touches, we sculpt an ambiance ensuring your event remains memorable and distinctive for all attendees.

Our Team

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Our skilled team of event designers are experts in matching the right type of themed events to your criteria. From design through to delivery, Arya Events have a wealth of event planning experience to call on, and will ensure your event themeing is unsurassed.

Our Projects

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